We pride ourselves to offer services not only to the public, but also to other law firms.  We currently represent clients in each province of South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries that includes Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique.

Services WF Bouwer Attorneys Inc. offer Clients:

Wills & Estates

  1. Estate Planning – Drafting of Wills, Trusts and General Estate Planning advice
  2. Reporting of estates to the Master’s office Pretoria and Johannesburg
  3. Estate administration
  4. Quantification and submission of maintenance claims on behalf of clients
  5. General enquiries at Master’s Office

Special Trusts

  1. We accept the appointment as Trustee for RAF Trust and Medical Malpractice Trust matters.

Curator Bonis

  1. Assist to place a person under curatorship
  2. Accepting of Curator Bonis for general affairs
  3. Accepting of Curator Bonis for RAF matters
  4. Accepting of Curator Bonis appointment for Medical Malpractice matters
  1. Advice on Advantages / Disadvantages of Trusts
  2. Preparation of Deed of Trusts
  3. Registration of Trusts and obtaining of Letters of Authority
  4. Amendments of Deed of Trusts and Letters of Authority
  5. Acting as Trustee of mortis causa Trusts, intervivo Trusts; RAF Trusts


  1. Drafting, Executing and registration of marriage contracts (ante nuptial- and post marriage contracts)
  2. Divorces
  3. Maintenance claims


  1. Specialised matters regarding Trusts and Estates
  2. General civil litigation
  3. Rental collections

Conveyancing Matters

  1. Transfer of properties (commercial & residential)

Notarial Matters

  1. Drafting, executing and registration of Marriage Contracts

Services WF Bouwer Attorneys offer other Law Firms:

Trust & Curator Bonis – RAF & Medical Malpractice Matters

WF Bouwer Attorneys I*nc. accommodate other firms that primarily do RAF matters by accepting Trustee and Curator Bonis appointments and by administering that the funds that must be protected.  We take pride in providing personal service to the patient by driving to his / her residence to do a consultation – very different to large firms that are in the same line of work. 

Master’s Office matters

  1. Estates
    1. Reporting of Estates and obtaining of Executor Appointment Letters
    2. Amendment of Executor Appointment Letters
    3. Submission of L & D Accounts / Correspondence
    4. Lodging of Section 42 (2) endorsements, certified copies of estate documents & master query sheets
    5. Obtaining of letters of discharge as Executor
  2. Trusts
    1. Registration of Trusts and obtaining Letters of Authority
    2. Amendments to Trust Letters of Authority / Trust Deeds
    3. Lodging of Trust correspondence
    4. Obtaining certified copies of Trust documents
  3. Curator Bonis
    1. Registration curator bonis estate and obtaining Letters fo appointment
    2. Obtaining Master Consent Letters


Due to the location of our offices, we are in the jurisdiction area for the following courts:

  • Magistrate’s Court Pretoria Central
  • Magistrate’s Court Pretoria North
  • North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria

Litigation correspondence work includes the service and filing of notices and pleadings, on behalf of correspondent firms.


For firms that do not administer estates on a daily basis, we offer a service whereby we complete and finalize the estate from day one. The executor’s remuneration is then divided between the firms on a 60% / 40% basis.

This service is attractive to smaller firms who want to offer additional services to their clients without having to employ additional staff or take additional risk.

Correspondent Firms

WF Bouwer Attorneys is proud to accommodate correspondent firms across South Africa and provide excellent service. The following firms use WF Bouwer Attorney’s services:


  1. Du Plessis & Mundt Attorneys (Pretoria) – Master’s office matters
  2. Bhadrish Daya Incorporated (Pretoria) – RAF Trusts matters
  3. Van Niekerk Attorneys (Pretoria) – RAF Trusts and Curator Bonis matters
  4. Gouse Van Aarde Attorneys (Pretoria) – RAF Trusts and Curator Bonis Matters
  5. Lombard & Muller Attorneys (Pretoria) – RAF Trusts and Curator Bonis Matters
  6. Rudloph Botha Attorneys (Pretoria) – Curator Bonis Matters
  7. GSG Attorneys (Pretoria) – RAF Trusts and Curator Bonis Matters
  8. WSP Attorneys (Pretoria) – Deceased Estates and Estate Planning matters
  9. Nagel Incorporated (Pretoria) – Deceased Estates and Estate Planning matters
  10. JA Venter Attorneys (Pretoria) – RAF Trusts and Curator Bonis Matters
  11. Edeling Van Niekerk Attorneys (Roodepoort) – RAF Trusts and Curator Bonis Matters
  12. Kriek Wassenaar & Venter Attorneys (Pretoria) – Notarial Execution Matters
  13. Francis Kinsella Attorneys (Johannesburg) – Notarial Execution Matters
  14. Bezuidenhout & Lak Attorneys (Pretoria) – Notarial Execution Matters
  15. Van Kraam-Oberholster Attorneys Incorporated (Pretoria) – Notarial Execution Matters
  16. Becker & Le Grange Attorneys (Pta) – Master’s office matters
  17. Botes Attorneys (Pta)– RAF Trusts
  18. Corne Nell Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts
  19. DFB Executor Services (Pta) – Master’s office matters
  20. Gert Nel Ing. Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts & Curator Bonis
  21. Geniv Wulz Attorneys (Midrand) – Master’s office matters
  22. Gildenhuys & Malatji Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts & Curator Bonis
  23. Johann Scheepers Attorneys (Bronkhorstspruit) – Master’s office matters; RAF Trusts
  24. KlopperJonker Attorneys (Alberton) – Master’s office matters Roets & Van Rensburg Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts
  25. Serfontein Viljoen & Swart Attorneys (Bronkhorstspruit & Pta) – Master’s office matters
  26. Schoeman Attorneys (Pta) – Master’s office matters
  27. Van der Merwe Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts
  28. Viljoen & Meek Attorneys (Heilderberg) – Master’s office matters
  29. Vorster & Brandt Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts
  30. Werksman Attorneys (Sandton) – Master’s office matters
  31. Whemeyer Attorneys (Pta) – RAF Trusts & Curator Bonis


  1. Le Roux Incorporated (Polokwane) – Master’s office matters
  2. Krügel Heinsen Incorporated (Emalahleni) – Master’s office matters
  3. Badenhorst Attorneys (Polokwane) – Master’s office matters
  4. Berg Attorneys (Polokwane) – Master’s office matters
  5. Charl Naude (Polokwane) – Litigation
  6. Charles Pietese Attorneys (Louis Trichardt) – Master’s office matters
  7. Coxwell Steyn Vise & Naude Ing (Louis Trichardt) – Master’s office matters & RAF Trusts
  8. Kampher Beek Twain & Pogrund Attorneys (Polokwane) – Master’s office matters


  1. Hans Meyer Van Eeden & Chetty Incorporated (Margate) – Master’s office matters
  2. Vassilatos Attorneys (Uhmlanga Rocks) – Master’s office matters


  1. Frans Schutte & Mathews Phosa Incorporated Attorneys (White River & Mbombela) – RAF Trust & Curator Bonis
  2. Errol Ntuli Attorneys (Kwaggafontein) – Master’s office matters
  3. Philip Meyer Attorneys (White Rivier) – Master’s office matters
  4. Pieter Nel Attorneys (Mbombela & Carolina) – RAF Trusts
  5. Wolfaardt Attorneys (White River) – Master’s office matters
  6. LJ Attorneys (White River & Mbombela)- Master’s office matters

North-West Province

  1. De Kock & Duffey Attorneys (Sweizer-Reinecke) – Master’s office matters
  2. Viviers Attorneys (Potchefstroom) – Master’s office matters
  3. KM Khanyisha Mogale Attorneys (Rustenburg) – RAF Trusts

Western Cape Province

  1. Etienne Genis Attorneys (Durbanville) – Master’s office matters
  2. Mohamed & Leon Attorneys (Cape Town) – Litigation
  3. Marlon Shevelew Attorneys (Cape Town) – Litigation
  4. Swanepoel Attorneys (Mosselbay) – RAF Trusts

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